“You are not alone! Let’s talk networking.”


I would not have survived 19 years of youth ministry without the support of others who “get it”.  My first couple of years, I didn’t have anyone I knew.  It made all the difference for me, once I started networking and finding others who worked with teens to share ideas.  This is why I have worked so hard at trying to develop the Youth Leader’s Network in East Ohio.  We share our joys, our prayer concerns, what is working, where we’ve messed up, good mission destinations and curriculum.  We have coffee together, laugh and cry.  We start as colleagues and end up friends.    There is a group of us going to the National Youth Workers Convention in St. Louis in November.  Would love to have more in our group.  Comment below if you are going or interested in coming along.  If you don’t have a connection, please let me know, and I can’t get you to one. Keep in mind, we are better together!

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