Life After Youth Group. Two YA perspectives.

Earlier this summer I had one of my past “youth group kids” reach out to me.  This person is no longer a kid, but an adult with a family and a career.  We have kept track of each other on social media, but haven’t actually spoken in 16 years.  She was going through some tough things and as she was sorting it out, was feeling a call to ministry and wanted to talk through it with me.  Those of us in youth ministry all have similar stories.

I have been asked numerous times why I am in Young People’s Ministries.  Well, let me tell you, it certainly is not for the pay or the 5 star accommodations on youth trips.  Let’s be honest, why would anyone want to be a part of youth ministry?  It has to be something you are called to.  However, it is in the moments as I shared, that reminds me exactly why I love what I do.

Most of the time we never see the fruit of the seeds we plant, but God does.  He tills the soil, we plant the seed, and He waters and nurtures the sapling into a strong adult.  It’s by faith that we send them off, trusting God to see our work through to fruition.

The Podcast today is an interview with two college students who talk about their lives after youth group, what was important to them and what they took away with them from their own church experiences. Pay close attention to how important volunteers in youth ministry were to these two!  They were both very open and honest with us.

One thought on “Life After Youth Group. Two YA perspectives.

  1. Honest, insightful discussion.

    Isn’t it sad that the churches we are part of don’t follow the Discipline in having youth/young adults participating as directed therein.

    I’ve been interacting with “my kids” into the next generation. We still talk about tough stuff in their lives. Now their kids are asking counsel as well. Who’d have believed it?

    Thanks for the conversation!


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